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Everyone has the right to live free from fear, threats and abuse.  
We're here to help anyone who lives or works in the East Surrey area who has, or is experiencing domestic abuse. 

You are not alone 

Call us in confidence between 9am - 4pm

Out of hours call Surrey Domestic Abuse on 01483 776822 between 9am-9pm

01737 771 350

We are here to help

Text us to find out how we can can support you. 

Report an incident or crime here. Call 999 in an emergency or 101 for a non-emergency. 

07860 039 720

Get a referral

Use our secure email address to get a referral and see how we can help you.

For secure email use : 

What is Domestic Abuse? 

It's NOT your fault and you are NOT alone. 

Each year ESDAS receives nearly 3,000 referrals and  over 20,000 contacts from survivors, their loved ones and professionals.


Domestic Abuse can be controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour or violence and abuse between family members or partners. Its more widespread than you think and can happen to anyone of any gender, age, ethnicity, orientation or income. 


We understand that it’s not easy to accept that a loved one can behave like this. Often because you cannot justify or explain the behaviour, you assume that it is your fault.  You are not to blame for the abuse. 

We're here to help you 

Everyone has the right to live life free from threats, violence and abuse.

  • We’re here to listen, without judgement.

  • If you’re ready to think about leaving we can help you plan leaving safely, or if you are not ready we’re here to support you.  

  • We can give you practical advice about your legal position or housing options or put you in touch with the right people to get the right help. 

  • If you have children we can help you support them. ​

East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services (ESDAS) is an independent charity providing outreach and associated services in the borough of Reigate & Banstead and the districts of Mole Valley and Tandridge.


Find out ways you can get involved and help fund our life changing service

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We're here to help find out more about how we can support you. You are not alone.

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