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Support for employers 

We don’t only offer advise and support to survivors of domestic abuse; we can also help companies and people who may be working with families or individuals affected by domestic abuse. 


Often people working with someone who is a survivor of domestic abuse don’t know how to support them. It is easy to feel out of your depth or frustrated. We can help you and your employees through training or Domestic Abuse policy reviews, please contact us for details of our packages and find out more here [link to training page]


We can also help you learn how to recognise domestic abuse. We can discuss cases with you anonymously and advice you on how to respond to staff who disclose domestic abuse. 


If you work children who you know are or may be affected by domestic abuse please click here


If you would like to discuss how we can support you, call us on 01737 771350 or email


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A Survivor

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