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How Can We Help?

We are here to listen and support you.
We are a safe place to talk through your experiences, your needs and your options. 
If you are concerned about someone you know and love we are happy to support you as well.  We understand that sometimes people find it hard to recognise what they are experiencing so may not reach out to us themselves.


We know that no situation is the same and everyone is at different stages in their journey, so where ever you are, we can provide emotional support and 

  • if you are not ready to leave we can give practical advice around safety at home.

  • If you are starting to think about how to leave, we are here to help you plan leaving safely. 

  • If you have left we can support your recovery. 

We offer a large range of services, if there is something specific that may help you please ask but here are some of the services we offer:  

  • Advice and support by phone or email 

  • Fortnightly drop-in group

  • Accompanying you to appointments such as court proceedings

  • A property security assessment and locks changed

  • Finding refuge spaces, for you and your children

  • Counselling

  • Befriending 

  • Mother and Child Groups 

  • 1-2-1 support for children 

  • Recovery Support Groups such as Freedom Programme and Recovery Toolkit 

  • Awareness raising and Training within business, education and the community 


​If we can’t help with something we will be able to put you in touch with a caring agency or organisation that will be able to help. 



ESDAS means to me 










The calm in a storm,

Give you hope when you feel hopeless.

Give you strength when you feel weak.

Listen to you, believe you and save you.

A Survivor


You can also find Help for Family and Friends by clicking on this link:

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