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How to support and help children and young people 

Children and young people who are exposed to domestic abuse may develop serious emotional, behavioural, developmental and academic problems. All children are unique and have different experiences so they cope in many different ways.


We have years of working with children and young people. It is easy to feel out of your depth or frustrated when trying to help children and young people navigate their home situation and the impact of Domestic Abuse. 


You can contact us and we can talk through the situation confidentially and provide advice and resources. 


Effects of Domestic Abuse on Children and Young People


  • Physical problems particularly stress related problems such as headaches, stomach cramps, asthma and skin conditions. 

  • Sleeping problems including exhaustion, disturbed sleep, nightmares and bedwetting. 

  • Aggressive and disruptive behaviours including verbal, physical or passive aggression. They may also be excessively withdrawn or clingy. 

  • Emotional issues such as low self-esteem and self-harm or feelings of anger, shame, guilt and powerlessness.

  • Psychological conditions such as eating disorders, depression or anxiety. 

  • Interpersonal problems including isolation, alienation, poor social relationships and fear in relationships with the opposite sex. 

  • Unhealthy belief system including impaired cognitive functioning, lack of concentration, truanting or reluctance to attend school. 




Communicating with Children & Young People

Domestic Abuse can cause a crisis of trust in relationships for children and young people. It is important that we rebuild that trust and listen to them. We can give training on this and we produced the following document for you to read that can help you communicate with children and young people who have experienced Domestic Abuse. We have many resources and can give you advice. Please contact us and we can help. 



Surrey County Council Children’s Services

If you have concerns about a child you can contact your local Children's Services Referral, Assessment & Intervention Team here.


Outside of these hours call 01483 517898 to speak to the Children’s Social Care emergency duty team. In an emergency where you are concerned for the child's immediate safety you should call Surrey Police on 999.



ESDAS means to me 








I thought I couldn’t cope alone because I was so useless. Why I left: I realised my children and I only have one life and I was hiding from reality. Thank you Esdas for all your support. 

A Survivor

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