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Help for anyone concerned about using abusive behaviour in their relationships

If you’re reading this, you’re probably worried about some of your behaviours and you want to take steps to change them.


Respect are there to provide help for perpetrators, they can support you to become safe around your partner and children.

  • Is your behaviour abusive?

  • Have you harmed the ones you love? Whether you’ve been abusive or violent once, twice, or many times, there’s probably a pattern to the things you do.


We encourage you to reflect on your behaviours and how they have harmed others. Becoming aware of how you’re acting will help you take control of your behaviours – and ultimately, stop. If you’re not sure if your behaviour is abusive, click here to learn more about types of abusive relationships.

"It Ends Where it Begins - Anti-Domestic Violence PSA"

Anti-Domestic Violence PSA paid for by White Buffalo Calf Women's Society.
Written and Produced by Buffalo Nickel Creative; Ryan Red Corn, Bobby Wilson, Dallas Goldtooth

WARNING: the content may contain material that could be upsetting for the viewer

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