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Help for Children 

We understand that for parents experiencing Domestic Abuse one of their priorities is the safety and needs of their children. We are here to help, offer practical advice and emotional support to both parents and children. 


All children are unique and will respond and cope with their experiences in many different ways. Children may become depressed, anxious and have low self-esteem, resulting in emotional, behavioural, developmental and academic problems. As children, they feel lonely and isolated and may display acts of violence themselves or become withdrawn.


Other common observable effects are:

  • Changed sleeping patterns including nightmares and bed-wetting 

  • Excessively clingy or withdrawn behaviour

  • Eating disorders

  • Self-harm

  • Stress related illness

  • Aggressive and disruptive behaviour

  • Suicidal feelings


Research shows that those children who are supported and given an opportunity to work through their experiences show the best recovery and go on to form good relationships in adult life. This is where we can help, call us to find out more. 



"Monsters In the Closet - Domestic Violence From a Child's View" by the Verizon Foundation

“Monsters,” a provocative new video, portrays the alarming impact of domestic violence on families and children, as seen through the eyes of a young girl. Produced and funded by the Verizon Foundation (USA) and supported by the National Domestic Violence Hotline, the video encourages the public to get involved in domestic violence prevention and education efforts, and also emphasizes that help for victims and their families is just a phone call away



ESDAS means to me 








I thought I couldn’t cope alone because I was so useless. Why I left: I realised my children and I only have one life and I was hiding from reality. Thank you Esdas for all your support. 

A Survivor

WARNING: the content may contain material that could be upsetting for the viewer

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